RBPro has not been tested with Joomla 3.5 or above, and may not work properly due to changes in Joomla core program.

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Resource Booking Pro!
Resource Booking Pro is a resource booking / resource scheduling web component - Since 2008.
RBPro is a native Joomla component and runs under version 3.1 - 3.4 of the Joomla CMS 

RBPro has been retired, visit AppointmentBookingPro.com

Support Hours: 8AM-4PM MDT Mon-Fri - Order System available 24/7

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  • $9.99 US = One (1) month of site access for download and Forum/Email support.
Operation is not affected by duration purchased, RBPro will not stop running when your subscription expires.


Looking for a Meeting Room Booking solution?

See our sister product Appointment Booking Pro!

"We have been using the booking system to manage conference rooms since Jan 2015, and so far the system has handled 6000 bookings without any incidents whatsoever! Well done!" .. "running the system on self service tablets mounted outside conference rooms, display boards for upcoming meetings at reception"

Morgan L, Sept 2015 


Resource Booking Pro

What it is..

Originally designed for Condo or home owner associations that have resources or facilities for residents to share. The concept is simple; pick a resource (person, place or object), date and time required and submit the request. The system logs the request and sends an email to a designated administrator(s). The admin person reviews the request and can either accept or reject the request.


What it is not..
Resource Booking Pro is not an event management system.
It is not a Calendar system
Not designed for hotel, B&B or vacation property rentals. RBPro has no facility to book daily/weekly/monthly.


What is the difference between Resource Booking Pro and Appointment Booking Pro..

With RBPro the user-tells-you how long the booking will last. The user sets the start and end times.

With ABPro you-tell-the-user what time blocks are available. They pick one of the available timeslots or appointments.




TRY..  Appointment Booking Pro (ABPro)

Similar to RBPro but lots more features.

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